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There’s no doubt about it, passing the accredited NASM CPT certification exam is a task not to be taken lightly. It requires high levels of dedication and discipline to learn and integrate the knowledge and skills needed to be a fitness professional in today’s competitive environment. We spent extensive time listening to enthusiasts and experts alike, and redesigned the NASM CPT certification program from the ground up, in order to better prepare members to pass the exam than ever before!

Instructional Design – It Makes a Difference!

Setting the foundations for the program to build upon are our instructional designers. For the first time ever, we have incorporated highly successful concepts of instructional design into the framework of the textbook and online content alike; making the program more relevant to the adult learning process than ever before. This includes new pedagogical features such as Memory Tips to remember more difficult concepts, Trainer Tips to support concepts with advice from industry experts, and callout boxes providing scientific insight, points of caution and pitfalls to avoid, as well as case scenarios providing real-life relevance with each chapter to support critical thinking and deeper levels of understanding.

Then, having been provided the framework by the instructional design team, the textbook was completely rewritten and edited by experts working in and leading the fitness industry. That means the content is not only supported by the latest scientific research, but it is also the most relevant information for working as a fitness professional today. Scientific concepts and practical tie-ins are now woven throughout the program from start to finish, so the material can be better absorbed and understood than with basic rote memorization. Video lectures have also been integrated to support the material in a more understandable way, instead of simply regurgitating what has already been presented in the text.

Integrated Digital Content

The integration of the textbook and the digital content is also better than ever before. From beginning to end, the online content is paced and aligned chapter-by-chapter with the textbook. That means a fully inclusive experience at any price point. We give you the ability to customize your program with as many, or as few, exam-prep tools as you need. So no matter how much support is desired—from those with experience who only wish to study the text, to those working with the all-new online Guided Study program—all participants will follow the same path toward the certification exam. The new Guided Study program also has added flexibility, allowing members to pick from two different program paces.

This member-centric focus encompasses all aspects of the new NASM CPT certification program. And to enhance that experience, along with the support of the NASM Mentors and Coaches, the product now comes with extended periods for enrollment and cancellation. This is the best CPT program NASM has created to date; designed above all with you, the member, in mind!

Still curious? Visit our website to learn more about the new NASM-CPT Programs.

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