Lots of info. Got here fast. Thanks

Lenny Braun

Got it !! .. Super fast & Very useful...just what I was looking for... Thank you

eBay - Member id lovelybonez

Thank you for great communication and speedy shipping!

eBay - Member id dubvgolfer2011

Perfect! Thanks a bunch!

eBay - Member id jdjlkm5

Perfect collection..Charts helped me alot..passed the test :)

Tim Akins

Excellent communication! !! Seller sent 1st class @their expense!!


My item arrived today. I love it!!! Thank you so very much for sending it so quickly! !! I left positive feedback.. you truly deserve it!! God bless you


Fast shipment and in advertised condition. Smooth transaction. eBay

Kool Inc Entertainment

Great seller. Great buy!

Paul Hiller

Great information and very well scripted.

Brian Norris - eBay

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Perfect! Thanks a bunch!

eBay - Member id jdjlkm5